David’s Shoes

David and his shoes.

I had gone to Scheels with David before. We walked by a pair of outrageously colored shoes—neon yellow, pink, green, and blue. They were unlike any pair of shoes I had ever seen. David, with his artistic flair and love of color commented, “COOLEST SHOES I’VE EVER SEEN! Beautiful colors. Can I have ’em?” I remember seeing these vibrant shoes and wishing so much he could get them. Then I remember looking down at his current shoes and thinking how “un-David” they were. They were starting to become worn and a dull grey color. He didn’t have the funds to purchase the colorful shoes, and so I replied, “not today David.”

But I thought of how every time I worked with David he would choose his outfit in the morning and talk to himself, saying, “that shirt looks beautiful on you…very colorful” or “that color shows up nice, you look good, Dave.”

I thought of how David’s drawings are so colorful—every house a different bright and beautiful color. Every house close to one another and so happy.

I thought of how David’s teasing, humor, or random utterance of “I love ya buddy…” filled my days with color—especially those days when the news was sad or I was frustrated by the lack of humanity in the world.

I thought of how much these shoes would mean to David—how he didn’t care about a cell phone, or an Xbox, or a computer, but I was pretty sure no one else in the whole world would appreciate these shoes as much as him.

And then donors gave to CCRI on Giving Hearts Day. That filled me with a flood of humanity. And because of those gifts, I could take David back to Scheels. When he saw the shoes he said, “the coolest shoes. I want them. Can I have them?” And you wouldn’t believe the smile on his face when, because of the generosity of others, I could tell him, “Yes Dave, we are going to get those colorful shoes today.”

Your support on Giving Hearts Day helps provide color in the lives of the people CCRI supports. Please sign up for a reminder to give online on February 8 by visiting www.givingheartsday.org 

If you would rather participate by check, mail in your check dated Feb. 8, 2018 (checks must arrive to CCRI by February 8)


Amber Lobdell

Amber Lobdell has been a caregiver with CCRI for the past five years. She is overjoyed to have a platform to share stories from the heart. Amber is also a painter and a lifelong Dr. Pepper lover. She lives in Fargo with her husband, two kids, and two dogs.

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