Why Erica Loved Volunteering at CCRI

Erica chose to complete her volunteer hours for school  at CCRI. As a former CCRI team member, she was interested in gaining another perspective of the work we do. Erica hoped to learn how other team members interacted with the people we support and was interested to see how the company had grown and changed since she left. It was a natural fit for her and she was able to jump right back in!

Erica answered a few questions about her experience with CCRI:

Describe the activities you did while volunteering.
I was extremely lucky to participate in the Life Enrichment program. I especially enjoyed interacting with everyone during  cooking classes. CCRI offers a lot of fun activities throughout the week. I was thrilled when I was invited to join in whenever my schedule would allow. I also volunteered at a home where I had the opportunity to do some art activities with David, one of the guys who lived there.

Erica taught David how to draw turkey hands

What was your favorite moment?
My favorite moments were when I could do art projects with David. I also loved it when people who came to Cooking Classes would remember my name—after only meeting me once or twice! By the end of cooking class, I would always get invited to play UNO. Those were the really special moments!

What would you want others to know about volunteering with CCRI?

David taught Erica how to draw bikes

Volunteering with CCRI is super laid back and they work very well with your schedule! It was super easy to make contact and the homes were really good for me to volunteer at! The staff at the home were very welcoming and the guys who lived there were so fun! I appreciated being able to volunteer in a variety of settings. I enjoyed assisting with cooking classes as well as working directly with people in the home. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity.

Thank you Erica for giving of your time this semester. Everyone who got to meet you loved having you!

For volunteer opportunities, contact Anna Larson, Volunteer Coordinator, at ALarson@CreativeCare.org.

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