F-M RedHawks Take The CCRI Polar Plunge

Rick, Karl, and Michael plunge while Hawkeye watches

The Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks have been incredible supporters of CCRI and especially of our Polar Plunge. We caught up with a couple of their previous plungers and asked them why they brave the  cold each winter to warm the hearts of many.

Karl Hoium, Assistant General Manager, and Rick Larson, former Director of Accounting, chatted with us about why they took the polar plunge.

Why did you decide to take the CCRI Polar Plunge?
KH: I wanted to support a great local organization that does such wonderful things for people in our community. And because jumping in a pool of freezing water in the middle of winter sounded fun! 😉
RL:  It is important to give back to our community and doing something a bit unconventional was a fun way to do that. I’d never done a plunge before and wanted to cross it off my bucket list. Doing it for a great cause was an added bonus. 

What would you tell someone who has never taken a plunge before about taking the CCRI plunge?
KH: It’s not as cold as you think it will be in the water. It’s when you get out and run to the hot tub!
RL: The anticipation of jumping was worse than actually jumping. Karl’s right, it wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be. The hot tub right after sure helped!

Why do you support CCRI in this way?
KH: It was a fun and unique way to raise funds for a great cause.
RL: CCRI is a great organization and it was a new and different way for me to support their work.

What advice do you have for new plungers?
KH: I’d wear sandals instead of shoes next time.
RL: Bring layers for after you plunge. The hot tub helps, but you’ll want to warm up quickly and a couple layers helps with that. I also would skip the hat—it fell off when I jumped.

Was it hard to raise the money to plunge? How did you do it?
KH: I used the online system provided. It was easy to use and made it a lot easier to try and raise funds!
RL: Not at all. I shared my profile and link to donate on my social media channels. My friends and family were able to support me with one simple click.

You can join amazing plungers like the FM RedHawks for the plunge! Visit www.CreativeCare.org for info and to register.

Want to support our plungers? Click here to donate to any of our amazing plungers.

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