December Impact Award Winners

Congratulations to our December Impact Award Winners! Each of these winners has had a role in making the lives of the people we support better. Thank you for your impact!

Moorhead Buffalo Wild Wings
Abbi waited patiently for almost a year for paperwork and funding details to get sorted out so she could begin job hunting. Once she obtained approval, she shared that her dream job would be to work at Buffalo Wild Wings. With the help of Heartland Industries, Abbi landed that dream job at the Moorhead Buffalo Wild Wings. The managers; Ryan, Brooke, and Jake, have been exceptional to work with and Abbi is truly thriving! This group of amazing managers have enhanced her life so much by being so welcoming, positive, and overall great influences through Abbi’s employment journey. Abbi is excited to go to work every day and shares her infectious smile and positivity with anyone who comes in contact with her.

Nancy Zachow—CCRI Direct Support Professional
Nancy has opened up Ashley’s world by helping her experience life! Over the last six months, Nancy has accompanied Ashley on a trip to Minneapolis/St. Paul where they shopped at the Mall of America and attended a play at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre. She also invited Ashley to come to her farm to herd cattle, feed calves, feed the horses, feed the chickens, help raise baby kittens and walk the dog. Ashley is having so much fun all while staying physically active. At Ashley’s semiannual team meeting, with Nancy by her side, Ashley was able to share the fruits of her labor. They provided the team with vegetables they had picked and many delicious foods they had prepared: squash, shucked corn, apple juice, homemade potato chips, jerky, pumpkin bread, apple chips, homemade jellies, etc. It is obvious Nancy loves life and finds enjoyment in every task and she has been able to spread that joy to Ashley. As Nancy has stated, she and Ashley are kindred spirits!

Gary Quiggle
CCRI’s Client Appreciation meal is an event many of the people we support (and the CCRI administrative team) look forward to each November. To make it even more special, every year since joining the CCRI family in 2013, Gary has purchased and donated dozens of beautiful roses to place on each of the tables. Gary has one of the biggest hearts and thrives on making others smile. Thank you Gary for your kindness and generous heart!

Bailey Schumann—CCRI Direct Support Professional
Bailey has been working with Brianna since she started with CCRI last summer. Brianna has had a lot of transitions during the last few months, the most significant was starting at a new high school. High school years can be such a scary and intimidating time, and Bailey has gone above and beyond to help make this transition smooth for Brianna. Bailey comes over early in the morning to help Briana get ready for school which helps to ensure Brianna starts her day off right—with a smile and a positive attitude. The girls will do their hair, put on their makeup, and even take their morning medicine together. Bailey is an incredible role model; she is patient, encouraging, and has the best sense of humor. More than anything, Bailey cares so deeply for all of her clients and is constantly finding ways to push them out of their comfort zone and into new challenges. Bailey, thanks SO much for being a day-maker!
Janine Walker—CCRI Direct Support Professional
Every morning Janine arrives at work with a smile. Lately there have been some very rough mornings and we can still count on seeing her smile as well as wearing her creative hat that is full of unique ideas to help make things run more smoothly for the people she works with. We can also count on her to go above and beyond in helping to maintain a clean and healthy home. Janine always jumps in to help with appointments even when she’s not scheduled. Thank you for being outstanding at your job and making sure things go smoothly, you Rock!
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