From Intern to Channel Marketing Coordinator—Kayle’s Success Story

We were excited to catch up with Kayle Johnson who interned in our Communication/Development Department.

When did you intern and in what department?
I was a Communication/Development Intern for CCRI in Spring 2017.

Describe the culture at CCRI.
The culture at CCRI was so fun and encouraging. Every employee was always nice and wanted to get to know you. CCRI team members support each other not only at work but in their personal lives. It’s a great atmosphere to be a part of!

What were your expectations for this position? Were they met?
My expectations were met. The great thing about CCRI is that I was able to choose the focus of my internship, and I chose to focus in social media and event planning. I was expected to manage the CCRI Interns Twitter account, help provide content for all of CCRI’s social media accounts, and assist in planning events. I created a social media guide for all of CCRI’s social spaces and assisted in planning CCRI’s Giving Hearts Day and Polar Plunge, The FM Crusaders Auction, and the SuperHero 5K.

What were the tasks/projects you were a part of? What did you do day to day?
I helped with CCRI’s Giving Hearts Day and Polar Plunge, the FM Crusaders Auction, and the SuperHero 5K. I was able to help provide social media content for all of those events and be part of planning the logistics for each event. My day to day included checking the social media platforms, making social media graphics, and helping where I was needed that day. I was also able to branch out from just social media and make a video for the FM Crusaders Auction.

What part of your internship was most valuable to you?
Seeing how social media and events really do affect the community and the people CCRI serves—the smiles on people’s faces from the FM Crusaders Auction made my day! I actually felt like part of the Fargo-Moorhead community and it felt great to help others and encourage change.

What part of you internship did you enjoy the most?
Learning from my supervisors and working in such a supporting culture is what I enjoyed the most. I learned so much about social media and events and got great feedback from fellow employees. It made going to an internship every day so fun and exciting!

What would you improve about your internship experience?
My only improvement would be to make the internships longer! A semester didn’t seem like enough time at CCRI. I learned so much and having a year-long internship would have helped me immensely.

Would you recommend this internship and why?
Yes, in a heartbeat! CCRI is such a great place to learn, and everyone wants to teach and help you. The Development/Communications team is so fun to work with and trust me, every day won’t be the same, but that’s what makes it so fun. It’s such a fun environment to learn and grow in! You can choose what you want to focus on and run with it. Who else is going to give you that much freedom but also teach you so much at the same time?

What do you think are the most important qualities for someone to excel in this role?
Communication, hard work, and being able to switch gears if someone needs your help. For this role, you need to be able to communicate openly to your supervisors, work hard at the task at hand, and be able to switch gears if someone else needs your help.

Where are you now (living, working, etc)?
I am currently living and working in Fargo. I am the Channel Marketing Coordinator at Appareo, an engineering and technology company. In my role, I get to work with social media, events, and a variety of people, it’s fun and different every day.

CCRI hires interns in the areas of Human Resources, Communications/Public Relations, and Case Management/Social Work. Visit our website at for more information and to apply.

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