October Impact Award Winners

Pat Lenertz (CCRI Mental Health Practitioner)
and Christopher Larson (CCRI Community Partner)

A Red-hot Thank You to Pat Lenertz and Christopher Larson for organizing the second annual Pepper Challenge—a true test of intestinal fortitude benefiting the people supported by CCRI. They rounded up eight brave souls to eat a Carolina Reaper (2.2 million Scoville Heat Units), collected donations, were interviewed by local radio shows, and threw a wonderful party at Kilstone Brewery! Dollars raised will be used to support CCRI’s Camp HERO. 

Candi Dunham—CCRI Direct Support Professional
I would like to nominate Candi for this award! A while back, when shopping for groceries at Wal-Mart, I was double charged for my groceries. Candy caught the error and immediately loaded my groceries back into the cart and circled back to the customer service department. She then advocated for me and I was refunded $65. Thank you Candi!


Sarah Kalmbach—CCRI Direct Support Professional
Sarah works full-time in the IBD office. Sarah is a go-getter. She may be quiet in her approach and doesn’t need a lot of praise but all her hard work does not go unnoticed! Sarah is always friendly and positive (even at the end of a 52 hour shift)! Sarah works all day every Monday, so all the “Monday tasks” tend to fall on her which she handles with ease. Sarah ensures every task is completed thoroughly and correctly. Sarah doesn’t need to be asked to complete a task, she recognizes the needs at hand and completes them. She is always on the go! It doesn’t matter if she is working in the IBD office, working directly with clients or helping out with extra hours in the SLS department, Sarah does an amazing job! Thanks Sarah for all your hard work and dedication to CCRI!

Liz’s Amazing Team of Caregivers
Being a caregiver can be an incredibly rewarding and incredibly challenging role to play. The team members who work with Liz are able to experience both sides of being a caregiver. They complete ongoing trainings, long staff meetings and endless paperwork on top of being positive role models in Liz’s daily life. They are patient, understanding, and some of the most emotionally and physically resilient people you will ever meet. Through their hard work, determination, kindness, and dedication, Liz is living her best life. Without her amazing team, Liz wouldn’t be able to do all the things that she does. Her caregivers take her to sporting events, parties, dances, movies, parades, shopping, and exercising, even though sometimes that means going through some very challenging moments while at these events. This amazing group never gives up on her and deserve all the praise in the world for the outstanding work they do. Thank you to all of Liz’s wonderful caregivers who, through their hard work, give Liz the chance to live the life she deserves!


To nominate someone for this award, email a short nomination and photo to ImpactAward@CreativeCare.org 

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