We Did It!

Did you hear all the loud cheers last Tuesday in south Moorhead? Were you wondering why people wearing I heart CCRI t-shirts were walking around with perma-grins?

It’s because we paid off our new $3.7 million dollar building! With support from our community we closed this campaign in just 3.5 years!

What lies ahead? For the past 40 years, CCRI has built a reputation of providing customized services for each individual we support, regardless of their needs. We will continue to come up with creative solutions with one goal in mind: to enhance people’s lives. This enhancement is neither frivolous nor exorbitant. It’s what we all want out of life: to live in a safe and encouraging environment that allows us all to become the best people we can be.

Your gift truly adds to the enjoyment and value of the lives of each person we support.

Together, we can provide opportunities that fill lives with hope and potential.

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