From Intern to Residential Coordinator—Tamara’s Success Story

TamaraWe recently chatted with Tamara who interned at CCRI back in 2014. Tamara majored in Social Work at Concordia College.

Did your internship add value on your résumé and help you land a professional job? My internship with CCRI greatly added value as I got to broaden my experiences and see how services are implemented from a team meeting, to creating outcomes and then implementing those outcomes with clients and staff. It helped me land a professional job as my internship led right to a job as a Residential Coordinator at CCRI.

What parts of your CCRI internship were most valuable?
During my internship, I was working as a caregiver as well, so getting to see services from start to implementation was very valuable. Also, I gained a greater understanding of why certain rules, guidelines, protocols, etc. needed to be in place. My internship experience helped me to see the “big picture”.

Where are you now or where have you been since graduating?
Since graduating I have continued working as a Residential Coordinator with CCRI. I started in the SLS (Supportive Living Services) department, then moved over to the IBD (Independent by Design) program and I love it!

Would you recommend CCRI to students to do an internship at? Yes, the options are endless so you can make the internship what you want while being able to complete the requirements of an internship.

Visit to learn about internship opportunities at CCRI.

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