Vicki, A Mother at Heart

By Jake Schweitzer, CCRI Intern and Vicki Lenssen, CCRI Caregiver

Being a caregiver is rewarding and sometimes it can be so much more!

Almost everyday, I would take Gloria to visit her mother in the nursing home. Her mother had developed severe dementia and it was hard on Gloria to visit her mom towards the end.  One day after our visit, Gloria looked at me and said ” You are going to have to be my new mom now.”  My daughter had passed away recently, so to hear this from Gloria was really heartwarming.  Of course I said yes! I already considered Gloria family!

“My favorite part of being a caregiver and working at CCRI is that I am able to make connections and form special bonds with people every day which you can’t really do anywhere else.”

Thank  you Vicki for sharing this story and the last six years with the CCRI family. We are grateful for your loving heart.

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