Reese, Rachel and their extended caregiving family

Rachel’s son Reese has received CCRI services for the past 19 years. Over that time, Reese and his family have made strong connections with many of their caregivers. “We have caregivers who attended his graduation party and  his birthday parties, even when they don’t work at CCRI anymore, which really shows the extent which they care for him—I’m even a Godmother to  a previous caregiver’s daughter.” Rachel also enjoys watching Reese’s caregivers grow right along side her son. “He learns a lot from them and vice versa. CCRI is life changing for everyone involved; our caregivers, our son, and our family.”

Rachel works with people with special needs, so having Reese receive care allows her to help others. “These support services have made our household functional, at least more than it used to be, and that has just been an amazing change. I honestly can’t imagine what our household would be like without CCRI’s services. ”

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