Duane, Making Each Connection Count

By Jake Schweitzer, CCRI Intern

Duane has learned a lot over the past 16 years working at CCRI. “As you’re going through life, I think one of the most important things is the connections you make with people. Sometimes, when making those connections you do things that are unconventional and unexpected.” When Duane first started working as Stephen’s caregiver, Stephen loved to critique Duane’s wardrobe, especially when he wore  a pink shirt. “Stephen hated that pink shirt and always would shake his head at me when I wore it” laughed Duane. “So when Stephen announced he wanted to be a female pop star for Halloween and needed me to paint his  fingernails bright purple,  we had a good laugh! Painting nails wasn’t a skill that was in my wheelhouse at the time! It’s the fun little things that make it fun to work at CCRI.”

Lane and  Brad enjoyed being interviewed right alongside their caregiver Duane. Brad enthusiastically shared how much he loves music therapy because he gets to play his favorite instrument, the maracas. Brad also likes cuddling with puppies because “they give you kisses all over.” Lane enjoys superhero movies and when I asked him if he liked Batman he adamantly declared: “No, I AM Bruce Wayne.” It was hard for me to stop the interview because we were having so much fun. Duane seemed to sense my enjoyment and shared “when I first started working at CCRI, I didn’t realize how long I was going to be here, and 16 years later, I’m here. I’m glad I stayed.”

Thank you Duane for making connections. We are so glad to have you on the CCRI team.

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