Stephanie, Helping to Make Every Day a New Beginning

By Jake Schweitzer, CCRI Intern

Stephanie first got a job at CCRI as a DSP thinking she would just try it out. Little did she know she would spend the next 8 years at CCRI. “I love my job.  Every person I work with is like a second family to me. The rewarding and fulfilling differences I get to make every day are like giving a new beginning.”

Stephanie really enjoyed attending CCRI’s Camp HERO and seeing people do things that they would otherwise be prevented from doing due to their disability. “Accessible pontoon rides, street dances, cookouts, and roasting s’mores—you name it. Seeing the excitement in their eyes made me feel so happy to be there.”

Stephanie really enjoys encouraging people to move forward and to try their best. “Watching people reach new independent levels is very satisfying—I know that I have helped them.”

Thank you Stephanie for being with us for the last 8 years, we are happy to have someone as caring as you!

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