From Intern to Website Marketing Specialist—Shenille’s Success Story

We love to hear about what our interns are up to. We recently got to chat with Shenille Laber who interned in our Development Department in 2014.

Where did you go to school and what was your major? 
I graduated from North Dakota State University with a degree in Marketing & Business Administration.

What did you find valuable about your internship at CCRI?
The CCRI Development Internship was my first glimpse of what working in a professional setting would be like. It helped me develop many skills, such as data entry, marketing best practices, and project collaboration. Working with the donation database allowed me to get a better understanding of how a nonprofit operates and how to organize the many different donations. Collaborating on social media strategies and marketing events was very helpful in giving me real world experience on what it takes to carry out a full marketing plan from start to finish.

Where are you now or where have you been since graduating?
Upon graduation I took a job at Border States Electric (BSE) in Fargo as a Marketing Associate, which I was at for almost a year and a half. I am currently working for the University of Mary in Bismarck as a Website Marketing Specialist.

Would you recommend CCRI to students to do an internship at?
Absolutely! Working for a nonprofit brings many technical skills, but also core values and leadership styles that are necessary to be successful in today’s work force.

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  1. Roni Schoephoerster says:

    CCRI became a HUGE blessing to our family, as my hub and I, and our daughter Rachel, ( who had a head injury at 10,) all had health issues. CCRI is the only agency I felt we could entrust our daughter to. They were fabulous! So caring, person -centered, had excellent trained staff, and made Rachels life full! They would read to her, use her communication device, find good movies, go for walks, take her swimming, bake c c cookies for daddy, go shopping, and last, but not least, take Her to her sister’s outdoor wedding in Duluth, in December! So very memorable and much appreciated!THANK YOU CCRI! And Congratulations!!!

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