Alice Wallace—Always a First Time for Everything

By Jake Schweitzer, CCRI Intern

Alice has experienced many firsts while working as a caregiver at  CCRI but one of her favorite activities was attending a concert with Sonia, one of the women Alice supports. They went to a Beach Boys concert.  Alice had never attended a concert before and was excited that this experience was part of her job! Sonia thought it was pretty cool that she could bring her staff to her first concert too! Sonia also invited Alice to the racetrack to see her first race. “Sonia is constantly wanting to get out and do things.  She is so adventurous and I love that we can try so many new things together!”

Alice began her career as a caregiver while living in Iowa. She found the job interesting and enjoyed the challenge of helping people find creative ways to do things—things that their disability had previously prevented them from doing. The first thing Alice did when she moved to the FM community was to look for a caregiver position. “I love making a difference in people’s lives. I like seeing the positive changes we can make. Getting people out and doing things, staying healthy, and giving them the personal attention they deserve.”

Alice will begin classes at North Dakota State University in the fall and will major in Human Development/Family Science.

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