When going to work doesn’t feel like a job….

By Jake Schweitzer, CCRI Intern

When asked to describe her job in one word Andrea didn’t skip a beat. She laughed and blurted out “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!” When asked why, she saidbecause it starts with super and from there it is just fun!” Andrea has been with CCRI for more than 12 years working as a Direct Support Professional.  She first began working with people with disabilities at Heartland Industries as a job coach. It was there the she discovered how much she enjoyed helping people learn new skills.

When asked what she enjoys about her job Andrea shared “I love the clients that I work with, my coworkers and pretty much everything! I love that going to work doesn’t even feel like a job because I  get to hang out with friends all day.”

Andrea finds helping people reach their goals rewarding.  “I love to watch people become more independent day by day.”

Andrea supports four gentlemen. Chris, known for his wonderful DJ skills, is one of them. Besides being a DJ, Chris proudly works in the deli at Family Fare.

Chris enjoys travel. He has gone on numerous CCRI trips. Washington D.C. and Glacier National Park are two of his favorite destinations, but he also likes to attend Minnesota Twins  and Vikings games. “I enjoy all the activities that CCRI has to offer.”

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