From Bounty Hunter to DSP—Wayne’s Story

By Jake Schweitzer, CCRI Intern

Over the past ten years Wayne and Jon have conquered  many journeys together. In the beginning Jon struggled with social situations and found them overwhelming. Slowly, the two built an incredible trusting relationship and with a lot of patience, respect and celebration along the way, Jon now ventures out in the community. He attends a summer camp, enjoys bible study and participates in many community events.

When you watch the two together and see at how far Jon has come in reaching his goals, one might think that Wayne has been a caregiver his entire life. Not so. Wayne ran a printing company for 40 years. When he retired he tried his hand at being a bounty hunter where he “loved the challenge but didn’t enjoy making people’s lives miserable when he brought them to jail.” It was a coax from one of his relatives that led Wayne to pursue a job at CCRI. Now Wayne “still enjoys a challenge but can improve lives and make people happy instead.”

We are thrilled to have Wayne as a member of our team!

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