June Impact Award Winners

Congratulations to June Impact Award Winners: TNT Kid’s Fitness, Hayley Wiersma, and Tara Haugen. Thank you for all you do to enhance the lives of the people we support.

Abbi enjoys the classes Jake teaches at TNT

TNT Kid’s Fitness (Community Partner)
Focusing on a person’s ability, rather than a disability, is important to both CCRI and TNT. To add to their amazing programming, TNT recently added a No Limits Adult Fitness class taught by fitness instructor Jake Haile. This class has been a huge hit with the people we support. Jake is always super encouraging and the clients absolutely adore him! The No Limits class works with all different ability levels to achieve the best workout and experience possible. Thank you Jake and TNT.


Cathy & Hayley at the finish line

Hayley Wiersma (CCRI Direct Support Professional)
When Cathy first started talking about participating in the Fargo Marathon 5K, she was unsure if she would be able to complete it. Hayley, always full of positive energy, immediately started encouraging her, reminding her how strong she is and told Cathy she would be there every step of the way. Hayley even came up with the idea to bring Cathy’s wheelchair along and offered to push her if she got tired so that she could still participate. During the 5K, Hayley was constantly encouraging Cathy and telling her how great of a job she was doing. At one point, Cathy was having so much fun that she was dancing and blowing kisses to the people who came out to watch! Thank you Hayley for your positive and fun attitude and for helping Cathy achieve her goals.


Gary and Tara on a practice run

Tara Haugen (CCRI Residential Coordinator)
A 5K is typically done by someone who is able to run (or walk) the entire race. Thanks to Ainsley’s Angels, people are also able to ride for a 5K. The group pairs angel riders with runners who push them through the race. When Tara heard about this group, she thought it may be a fun way for Gary to participate in the Fargo Marathon 5K. Tara coordinated with Ainsley’s Angels to try out the Freedom Push Chair. Tara found out that Gary loved it! Tara and Seth teamed up to push Gary in the Fargo Marathon 5K in May. Gary sang the entire way—the faster they ran, the louder he sang. Thank you Tara for finding a way for Gary to share your love of running and for making it all happen!

To nominate someone deserving of this award, email a short nomination and photo to ImpactAward@CreativeCare.org


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