From Intern to Associate HR Generalist—Ashley’s Success Story

At CCRI, interns are a valued part of our team. The expertise they bring from their field of studies partnered with our desire to provide real world experiences to the workforce of tomorrow is a perfect match. We are grateful to many of our interns. We recently caught up with former intern Ashley (Leintz) Morrell. Ashley graduated from MSUM with a Business Administration (with an emphasis in International Business) degree in May of 2016. Ashley interned in our Human Resources Department.

Did your internship add value to your resume?
My internship experience at CCRI absolutely added value to my resume and helped me when I was looking for full time employment. The firsthand experience to real-life business situations within or that involve an HR department solidified my decision to go into something in the Human Resources field.

What part of the CCRI Internship was most valuable to you? 
The part of the CCRI internship that I think was most valuable was the exposure to working with many different kinds of people since that is what the real world is like.

What did you find helpful upon completion of your internship? 
Despite my plans to move from the Fargo-Moorhead area, my internship supervisors still gave me suggestions and local contacts for employment following graduation. Had my plans changed and I stayed in the area, this would have been extremely helpful in looking for employment. 

Tell us about what you did following graduation? 
After graduation I moved to Jamestown, ND and am currently employed at UTC Aerospace Systems as an Associate HR Generalist

Would you recommend CCRI to students looking for an internship experience? 
I would absolutely recommend CCRI as a great place to do an internship. Everyone was willing to help out when needed and answer any questions I might have had. I was able to learn a lot in a short amount of time!

To apply for an iCCRI nternship at CCRI, visit for more information on the different internship programs we offer.

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