The Olivers—Our SuperHeroes

Written by Joelle Oliver, CCRI SuperHero 5K & SideKick Youth Run participant 

Spending time with family is one of the most important aspects of our lives. We enjoy finding family friendly events around the community where we can all have fun and support a good cause.

One of our favorite events is the CCRI SuperHero 5K and SideKick Youth Run. It is great for our physical wellness and we love supporting this fabulous organization. With four children who love to be active, there is an event for each of them! Our younger three love the SideKick Youth Run. They love dressing as superheroes and running the course by themselves. Last year, our oldest son was able to walk the 5K with us and was smiling from ear to ear when he finished! 

For the past 5 years, we have not only enjoyed running this race but also getting the opportunity to visit with the people CCRI supports and their team members. 

There are many reasons it is important for my children to be superheroes for people with disabilities. I want my kids to understand that everyone is unique in the world and this is a perfect event that showcases both uniqueness and celebrates all abilities.  I also believe that teaching my children to advocate for people with disabilities is making the world a kinder place to be. Everyone has a superhero they look up too, why not look up to individuals with courage and strength to find their own path in life?

Visit for information and to register for the 2017 CCRI SuperHero 5K & SideKick Youth Run. We hope you will join us on Tuesday, June 27 at Gooseberry Park for this important event!

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