This year we mark our 40th anniversary of providing person-centered opportunities to the people we support. This is a great milestone for everyone who has ever been involved with CCRI and we plan to celebrate throughout the year. But it’s more than just a milestone—it’s a point where we can look back to just how much has changed since CCRI launched our first home.

CCRI was created as a care-driven organization in response to the institution situations that abruptly removed people from their families. Those were the days when it was expected that the person who needed the care would conform to the type of care available instead of the other way around. Today, we take pride in creating care plans as unique as each person we support.

As we consider what has made this immense turn in care possible, you only need to look as far as the people who make up CCRI. From those first families who knew there was a better option for their children, to the care givers and staff who live that belief daily, to the people we support and the partners who help make it happen, it’s simple: CCRI is successful because of the people who are a part of it.

We are celebrating our 40 years as an ongoing campaign telling the stories of CCRI. We will celebrate everyone we support and those who help CCRI carry out our mission of enhancing and enriching lives. We are calling this “I Am CCRI” and invite you to share your “I Am CCRI” story with us.

CCRI would not exist without the vision, direction, and hard work of those individuals who decided to do something different 40 years ago. We are the beneficiaries of this vision and our entire team accepts the mantle of stewardship that comes with it. We will continue to provide customized, person-centered support and services while caring about the people we serve. We will also remain steadfast in acting as advocates for people who need our support and help.

Together we form something that’s unique, powerful, and that works. I Am CCRI. You Are CCRI. Together, We Are CCRI.

Please join us for our 40th Anniversary Celebration August 1, 2017, 4–7 P.M., at Gooseberry Mound Park in Moorhead.

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