ANCOR Nomination: Stacy Jaycox

Stacy Jaycox listens without judgement. Stacy’s unbiased approach makes it very easy for her clients to talk to her when they have concerns. She realizes the people she supports all live at their home for very different reasons and she looks at each situation on an individual basis.
Teaching was Jody’s passion before her accident so Stacy found options for Jody to be able to volunteer with kids. When Jody struggles with completing her PT exercises, Stacy encourages her to close her eyes and imagine she is teaching English or lying on a beach someplace. When Jody is able to focus on some of her favorite things she is able to complete her vital Physical therapy without frustration.

Stacy and Alita enjoying lunch during DSP Appreciation Week

When working with Nancy, Stacy makes sure all her needs are heard in ALL situations. Their bond has grown over the past four years and Nancy trusts her fully. For Nancy, leaving her home, even for short trips out and about can cause her great anxiety. But with Stacy by her side, she has been able to fully enjoy trips to South Dakota, Wisconsin and visits to see her family—all without anxiety. Stacy is Nancy’s go to person when she is struggling with her mental health. Having someone to confide in to help her manage symptoms has meant fewer trips to the hospital for Nancy. Stacy has also Nancy find volunteer opportunities in the community.
Stacy has made a huge impact on the lives of the people she works with which is best summed up by Nancy when she said, “From day one, I knew she was special. Stacy loves her job and it shows by her patience, kindness, lots of energy, compassion and her sense of humor—by the way, she has a sneeze that’s so loud I think it might shake the house!”
Stacy is an ANCOR DSP of the Year Nominee. ANCOR is the national trade organization CCRI belongs to. Each year, ANCOR recognizes outstanding DSPs from each state.

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