ANCOR Nomination: Kiah Vanasse

Kiah Vanasse recognizes a person’s potential and pushes them to be the very best version of themselves. Even when it’s not easy, she guides the people she works with to be as independent as possible. Kiah focuses on a person’s strengths and incorporates them into their daily activities as much as possible. Kiah has a genuine, natural gift of making people feel special important, loved and worthy. The joy she brings to each shift rubs off on everyone she comes in contact with.
 When Amber, struggled with developing an exercise routine, Kiah’s a positive attitude and enthusiasm about fitness was contagious! Together they tackled Zumba and Body Pump classes.
When Melissa was struggling to make friends and maintain relationships, Kiah reached out to some of her peer’s caregivers and made arrangements to get them all together to practice their social skills. Before they met, Kiah programmed her communication device to include questions and phrases that would pertain to each activity. Her facilitation of these activities has helped Melissa maintain and gain new friendships.
Kiah is also not afraid to look silly—especially if it will help Bella to get involved in the community! She knows that Bella loves to act—so the two of them created a play that they both acted out. Kiah’s willingness to find activities that spark Bella’s interests have been successful.
So successful that Kiah is the only caregiver who has been able to take Bella out in the community independently without the help of a second caregiver or family member.
 Dan’s parent summed it up best when she says “Dan lights up like a Christmas tree whenever he spends time with Kiah. I know he gets a workout just from smiling, laughing and having a blast whatever they do together! I wish everyone could have a Kiah in their life!”
 Kiah is an ANCOR DSP of the Year nominee. ANCOR is the national trade organization CCRI belongs to and they recognize outstanding DSPs from each state. 

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  1. Stephanie J. Cappelleri says:

    Kiah was our nanny and caregiver for our 4 children. We have a very active household and we specifically needed an in-home care giver for our daughter with low muscle tone (of unknown origin). Kiah was very particular on all of the care and love for our daughter, all of her equipment, tube feedings, germ prevention, and more. She not only was able to do all of the care for our one daughter but she also made it fun and did wonderful with the other 3 kids too. She would incorporate fun, learning and structure into everything that she needed to do during the day. Our kids loved her! She made everyone feel special, important and valued.

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