Top 5 Reasons to join #TeamCCRI

5 – It’s rewarding 

Amber and Greg showing their excitement for Easter.

Amber, CCRI Caregiver, says it best “There isn’t a single day that I don’t laugh, smile, grow, learn, teach, or make a memory. I can’t say enough positive things about ‘my guys’ and my coworkers. This is more than a job to me. It has touched my heart and made me a better person.”

4 – Competitive Salary & Benefits

We offer a semi-annual retention bonus. Our starting wage is competitive at$12.25/hour. We have a comprehensive benefit package for full-time employees and additional benefits for part-time employees

3 – Flexible work schedule

As a large company, we have many different positions and the days and times of those positions vary greatly. You can choose a position that best fits your schedule. Whether it is an evening or weekend position as a second job or a Monday/Wednesday/Friday position to work with your school schedule, we work with you to find a position that matches your availability.

Trips to Minneapolis for Twins game are especially fun.

2 – Positive and fun work environment

CCRI was named a Top 150 Workplace in Minnesota each of the last two years—voted by our team members! What greater accolades for a fun work environment is there? At CCRI you never know if you are going to be going out to the mall shopping, out for a cup of coffee, attending a sporting event, or going to a movie.

We do fun events throughout the year like our Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament and the Car Wash for our caregivers. How many people can say they got a car wash from their supervisor?

1- Casual Dress Code

Rhonda makes an impact everyday while dressing casually and comfortably.

Our dress code is one perk for our team members. Jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and even yoga pants are a staple among our team members.



If this sounds like a fit for what you’re looking for in a career, click here to check out our current openings. 



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