The Cobber Crew Gets Their Feet Wet

This year, the CCRI interns from Concordia College formed a fundraising team for the CCRI Polar Plunge and decided to take the plunge together. None of us had done a polar plunge previously, so we committed to it in excited anticipation of experiencing it firsthand for ourselves. While fundraising beforehand is a key element, showing up to plunge on Giving Heart’s Day is where the experience really begins. When you arrive at the CCRI building, you’ll notice first just how big of an event this is. Despite cold temperatures, you’ll see a large huddle of people surrounding the ice pool, cheering on the plungers as they climb the platform to jump in. The free admission draws people in not only for the entertainment value, but also for the horse drawn carriage rides, hot chocolate, and the barbeque food truck. The aroma of barbeque from the food truck floated around in the frigid air, which was certainly a nice addition to the atmosphere of the event.


When it comes time for you to plunge, you’ll come strutting out of the front doors of the CCRI building while your names are being announced over the microphone. The Cobber Crew jumped in at the last session of the day around 6 p.m. At this point, the wooden rails and stairs that make up the jumping platform were starting to ice over. The moment of truth comes when you’re standing on the platform, looking down at the pool of icy water in-between yourself and the eager onlookers below. The spectators are close enough to get a nice view of the plungers, but a safe distance away to avoid any mighty splashes.  It’s a little easier to feel the excitement in the air when standing on the platform as opposed to being warm (comparatively speaking) and safe in the crowd. We agreed as a group beforehand to go all the way under, to make sure we don’t short ourselves on any of the fun.


The longer you spend on the platform, the harder it seems to make your legs jump. When you finally do make the leap, the adrenaline-fueled moment before you slip into the freezing water is what I enjoyed the most. Once you’re in, you don’t really “feel” the cold immediately, but instead, you feel your body tensing up as it feels the shock of the chilly pool. It happens so fast you hardly have time to process it. In case this feeling overwhelms any plungers, there are friendly men all geared up and standing in the pool to help anyone who freezes (pun intended) up in getting out. Once out of the water, only a brisk few steps stand in the way of being back inside the building and in the hot tub. Even before reaching the hot tub, I was over the shocking feeling, but the hot tub made me forget all about what had just happened. Overall, I thought it was a very fun experience and I enjoyed the excitement of it all. I wouldn’t hesitate to plunge again, especially as it’s for such a good cause.


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  2. Gail klug says:

    Thank you for jumping at Ccri for the polar jump I was there to see you jump in the water.

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