What Exactly is Giving Hearts Day?

The Polar Plunge is just one part of Giving Hearts Day. Back in 2008, Giving Hearts Day was started by the Dakota Medical Foundation and Impact Foundation as the region’s first one-day online fundraising event. 2017 will be the 10th annual event. Giving Hearts Day this year has 366 charity participants, including CCRI, that span across North Dakota and into Western Minnesota.

While 366 seems like a giant number, all the non-profit organizations are high impact as well, making the number even more impressive. The individual fundraisers are dynamic in helping within each community, but the larger picture shows how widespread the collaborative benefit of Giving Hearts Day reaches. The Dakota Medical Foundation’s role in sponsoring the event involves matching a portion of the donations raised by individual non-profits, a task that is not to be taken lightly. The wave of donations and matches resulting from this collaborative effort in the region raised more than $8 million in 2016. This year will be the fourth year CCRI has been a part of Giving Hearts Day. The mission of Giving Hearts Day is one that resonates so easily with the mission here at CCRI, and we encourage you to try and find a way to be a part of Giving Hearts Day this year. Here is a link to CCRI’s online donations page for the Polar Plunge Event, our fundraiser for the Giving Hearts Day.

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